Official Deck Log, Thursday, 17 November 1960


  • 1200 Moored starboard side to Pier 5, berth B, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Bremerton, Washington with standard mooring lines doubled and spring wires fore and aft. Receiving miscellaneous services from the pier. Ships present include various units of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, yard and district craft. SOPA is Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Yorktown (CVS-10).
  • 1400 Officers and crew assembled on Pier 5 for commissioning ceremony.
  • 1429 RADM F. T. WATKINS, USN, COMTHIRTEEN, and party, came aboard to commission the U.S.S. KING (DLG-10) in accordance with CNO letter: serial; P43 of 6 OCTOBER 1960.
  • 1513 COMMANDER MELVIN E. BUSTARD, Jr., XXXXXX/XXXX, USN, Prospective Commanding Officer, read his orders, assumed command of KING, ordered the commissioning pennant broken, the ensign and the jack hoisted and the watch set. RADM F.T. WATKINS, USN, COMTHIRTEEN broke his flag in this vessel.
  • 1536 RADM F. T. WATKINS, USN, COMTHIRTEEN departed; hauled down COMTHIRTEEN flag.
  • 1542 Made daily inspection of magazines and smokeless powder samples; conditions normal.


  • 1600 Moored as before.
  • 1645 Received report that SCHOONOVER, Elden L., XXX XX XX, SA, USN, received a perforated laceration on his right lower lip caused by an unknown assailant and not due to his own misconduct. Treatment administered by R. R. HANNA, HMC, USN. Disposition: received stitches and returned to duty.
  • 1916 Held fire drill.
  • 1925 Secured from fire drill.


  • 2000 Moored as before.