Official Deck Log, Friday, 18 November 1960


  • 0000 Moored starboard side to Pier 5, berth B, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington with standard mooring lines doubled and two wire cable breast lines. Receiving all services from the pier. Ships present include various units of the U. S. Pacific Fleet and yard and district craft. Material condition YOKE (Modified) is set. Readiness condition IV is in effect. SOPA is Commanding Officer, U. S. S. Yorktown (CVS-10).


  • 0400 Moored as before.
  • 0602 Stationed the special sea detail.
  • 0612 Pilot, Mr. MANN, came aboard.
  • 0616 Tug YTL-588 secured to port bow.
  • 0617 Tug YTB-507 secured to port quarter.
  • 0635 Commenced to move ship.
  • 0650 Secured the special sea detail, ship in position at Pier 5, berth B, with standard mooring lines doubled up plus two forward spring wire cables in two parts fore and aft.
  • 0655 Tug YTB-507 cast off.
  • 0656 Pilot left the ship.
  • 0658 Tug YTL-588 cast off.
  • 0745 Mustered the crew at quuarters, Absentees: None.


  • 0800 Moored as before.
  • 1000 Exercised the crew at man overboard drill. Made daily inspection of magazines and smokeless powder samples; conditions normal.


  • 1200 Moored as before.
  • 1309 Commenced loading ammunition.
  • 1412 Completed loading ammunition, 40 rounds 5โ€/54 cal. AAC projectiles, 40 rounds 5โ€/54 cal. SPDN powder, 28 rounds 3โ€/50 cal. VTNF.


  • 1600 Moored as before. Pursuant to orders of the Commanding officer, LINDSEY, J. W., XXX XX XX, BT2, USN in charge of one man, left the ship to report to Senior Shore Patrol Officer, Bremerton, Washington, for TAD.
  • 1810 Material condition YOKE (Modified) set throughout the ship.


  • 2000 Moored as before.