Commander Melvin E. Bustard

First Commanding Officer, 17 November 1961 to 01 June 1962

CDR M. E. Bustard, 11 July 1916 - 18 July 1984


Silver Star


Bronze Star


Commander M. E. Bustard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bustard, was born in Harrisville, Utah July 11, 1916. He received his commission on February 21, 1942.

As an Ensign he placed in commission and assumed command of USS YP408 which was assigned escort and ASW assignments along the east coast.

In July of 1943 LT (jg) Bustard was transferred to the USS AMESBURY (DE-66) which participated in the North Atlantic convoy runs between the United States and Europe.

From November 1944 until early 1946 LT Bustard served with the U. S. Army as Gunfire Liaison Officer. From mid 1946 until December of 1947 LT Bustard was Executive Officer of the USS GEORGE (DE-697) serving in the Western Pacific along the China Coast and in the Formosa Straits.

After a year at the General Line School in Monterey, LCDR Bustard was ordered as Commanding Officer USS LSMR-401 which took part in the Inchon invasion in 1950. For this action, LCDR Bustard was awarded the Bronze Star with ‘V’. In December of 1950 LCDR Bustard was ordered as Division Commander of LSR Division 32 and received the Silver Star for action with his division against communist forces in western Korea.

In December of 1951 LCDR Bustard returned to the United States and was assigned to Officer Promotions in the Bureau of Naval Personnel. Two years later he assumed command of the USS SILVERSTEIN (DDE-534) in Pearl Harbor. In June of 1955 CDR Bustard took command of USS CARPENTER (DDE-825) the Flagship of Squadron 25 also based in Pearl Harbor.

Two years later CDR Bustard was assigned to the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island where he served for one year as a student, followed by two years as an instructor in the Naval Warfare course.

CDR Bustard was detached from the Naval War College and ordered to the USS KING (DLG-10) in June 1960.

CDR Bustard is married to the former Florence Ruth Buehler of Moline, Illinois. They have three children, Michael, Stephen and David.

Captain Melvin E. Bustard, USN, passed away on July 18, 1984. His remains were scattered in the waters off the coast of Bermuda from the USS KING (DDG-41). The ceremonies were presided over by CDR Robert D. Pacek, Commanding Officer of the USS KING (DDG-41). The eulogy was offered by LT Philip A. Wyrick, Chaplain for Destroyer Squadron 2, and a gun salute was fired as the remains were committed to the sea.