Commander Edward Lull Cochrane, Jr.

Commanding Officer, July 1963 to 30 January 1965

CDR E. L. Cochrane, Jr.


Commander Cochrane was born July 17, 1922, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He received his education at Columbia Prep School in Washington, D. C., and the U. S. Naval Academy from which he graduated as Ensign in 1945. Commander Cochrane then completed the Naval Supply Corps School at Harvard and accepted assignment to Naval Supply depot, Guam.

Transferring to Navy Line in 1947, the Captain served as a Fire Control Officer, held instructor duty in Chicago, and was made Staff Aide and Flag Lieutenant to COMBATDIV Two for whom he served as an official interpreter of French in the Mediterranean area between 1953 and 1955.

Commander Cochrane received command of the USS O’BANNON (DDE-450) in 1955, entered Naval War College, Newport, R. I. in 1957, and returned to the fleet as Commanding Officer of the USS EVANS (DE-1023) in 1963 and the USS PHILIP (DDE-498) in 1962.

Captain of the KING since July, 1963, and holder of eight service medals, Commander Cochrane lives in North Springfield, Virginia, with his wife Doris, and their 11 year old daughter, Bonnie Dee.