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Name: [Looking For]				Contact:
Every crew member from 1960 - 1991 Terry Forsyth For ships reunion
Anyone from May 1968 - August 1972 Donald Heili Any Boilerman
James Thibeux Cardell Green
SHSN E. Barksdale HaithNIGHTTRAIN@cs.com SK3 R Murry SK3 Rodney Hayes Anyone From 1965 - 1967
PN3 David Sherman from Minnesota (72-74) Terry Forsyth YN3
Anyone from operations Dept. Tyke1oh76@aol.com from 1977 - 1980
Anyone from WD Div. Plankowners! 60- 63 Raymond Moulton
Anyone from 1967 - 1968 Westpac cruise Cajunsnook@aol.com After fireroom or forward fireroom
Anyone who knows John Ward MM1 - 1966 John Ward
Anyone who was on board from 1960 - 1963 Ron Laughlin
Anyone from 1972 - March 1974 Don McFarlane
Anyone from 1964 - 1968 Tonkin Gulf or David Price DC3 Anyone from the Coontz-Mahan or Rogers
Looking for radioroom guys 1979 - 1982 Usnretrm2@aol.com
I was injured in the Fire on board Jonathan Kammen 5/23/69 Anyone from WA Divison.
I'm looking for the USS King ships bell LT Nick Russo to put in the Naval Academy's Wardroom. 410-293-7148 Please help
Robert Biggs RM2 Dennis Hughs RM3 R. M. Hoover Any radioman from June 1964 - June 1968
Bob Hatchett IC2 1968 - 1971 David Turk
Darrel Preston Smith From Oklahoma City David Turk
My Father Charles A. Machon (1960) Charles D. Machon Please contact Charles D. Machon NGMO-PAH 573-638-9603 Museum Curator
David Hughes March 1978 - Oct. 1981 Npost1649@aol.com He was from Crooksville Ohio Brad Olsen. Both MM's
Larry Haney BM2 1964 - 1966 Larry Stamper BM3
Anyone from WD & WG Divison's Clarence E. Zimmerman May 1971 - 1974 Zim
Sonar Techs from May 1990 Boilermakerbuf@aol.com
Any DS's from 1961 - 1965 Martin Hailey
William Vashon from Lincoln Nebraska. Rich Dickhart Served from 1965 - 1967
Robert Metter, Edward Cox, John Petri, Mark Jenkins Ralph Spencer. Ron Truman. All from "R" Division. Mike Armann, Charles Ruff, Mike Mooney, Derek Dye from "M" Division.
Looking for info from anyone who served GMSHOGUN@aol.com 1960 - 1963. I worked in the After Fireroom
Tony Ramirez, he sailed on the KING from Rudy 1960 - 1968
David Crawford, BTFN Forward Fireroom Roger Lemstrom 1971, New Orleans
A good friend I work with here has a Zippo Eric L. Carson Cigarette lighter with the engraving of the U.S.S. KING on it. He received the lighter From Mark Gordy while he was on leave in The late 1980's He is trying to find out what Mark Passed away some time ago and is looking For information as to the circumstances of his Death. Also what was his rank. Thank you.
Frank Loneelk who was there from 1960 - 1963 Randy Mohs
Harry Deaner MR2 1979 - 1980 BRONONMAUI@aol.com Anyone from 1981 - 1982
John Sibley, Joe Ling or anyone from pre-com Carlos T. Echevarria And post-com through 1978
Doyle Sloan RM 1977 Mark Porter
Bob Nixon PC3, Lundberg BT3 Jimmie Myers 1988 - 1990
Looking anyone from the ships band, Shawn Riquelme PRP groups (ships self defense force, S.A.T. and B.A.F.) or anyone else from 1982 - 1984
Anyone who served from 1968 - 1973 Jonathan Kammen
Thomas Jennings. "R" Division - 60 - 64 DLGSailor@aol.com
Kevin Whitney 1988 - 1990 Paul Schaefer STG2
BM3 Frank Parks 1983 - 1985 Lapointe RM3
Brett Dodd SH3 1986 - 1988 Fred Parker IC3
Steve Cummings 1979 - 1980 Scott Hudson
Mark Gordy MM3 William Greene MM2
Dave Nally MM2 - Dave Hughes MM3 npost1649@aol.com Brad Olsen MM2 - Kevin nordvick Any Machinist Mate from 77 - 81
Frank Parks BM3 1983 - 1985 Lapointe RM3
Brett Dodd SH 3 1986 - 1988 Fred Parker IC3
Anybody from the aft Engine Room AlexNlourdes@juno.com Between 1989 and Decom.
Jim West, James Helms and Sweeney Walter Pennington IC2 Between 1960 - 1963
After 20 years I'm sure that there are Mark D Bellmore MS1 USN Ret. Some old cooks out there. Any of them around feel free to email me.
Lester Gilmore MM3 Ed Norlander MMFN Forward Engine Room
I'm looking for anyone from "M" Ed Norlander MMFN Division or "B" Division, 1976-1978 I'm looking for any ET's from 1987 Wayne Sifford Until decommissioning
Got word that Juan Gutierrez was in an Juan Gutierrez Accident 4 months after his discharge 4222 W. Pinchot Avenue And has been paralyzed from the neck Phoenix AZ 85019 Down since that time. He would love to hear from old ship mates.
David Japs - was in the forward engine Jason Pschigoda A.J Nyman
James Kenny, Mike Geotz, Mouse and Andy Fox EW2 Any EW's from 1982 - 1984 taf@map.com
Looking for anyone from SC Division nelsonnl@email.msn.com 1960 - 1964
I'm Looking for any RM's from 1987 Sean Sweeney To Decommissioning. Especially navjumper@earthlink.net RMCS Mark Magana
Any EW"s from 1982 - 1984 Andy Fox EW2 taf@map.com
Looking for any Fire controlman who Gerald Vivlamore Decommissioned the KING. hkypuck@redcreek.net James Wilks, you out there?
Looking for Hank (Henry) Schroeder Tom Fredericksen He was on board King 1967 thru ? He MESSDECK@aol.com Was from Cleveland and his aunt ran a Bar in National City.
Looking For NT ET's that served from Chuck Freeman, ET3 1971-1973. I would also like to contact CompCnsult@aol.com Dave " Sumo" Fowler or Terry Winters. (Store Keeper). If anyone has info on these guys please let me know.
Looking for Steve Cummings 1979-1980 Scott Hudson Gunners Mate. Contact me at 541-957-5555 notme@pioneer-net.com
Looking for Carlos Irizarry IC1& Bud Homles mikel@silverlink.net CS3 "1960"
Looking for Jeff Fenwald 1980-1985 Pete Cole Pcole3@carolina.rr.com
Looking for Hank M. Schroeder MM2 Terry Ochs On board from 67-71, last know in tochs@pld.com Cleveland area.    


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