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03/02/2013 Added Ray Marshall and Jack Odem to Memorial page.

01/13/2013 Added December Newsletter

01/13/2013 Added Robert Tajima to Memorial page

08/29/12 Added August Newsletter

08/26/12 Updated contact page with Terry Winters as Ship's Store operator

07/01/12 updated Contact and Association pages with board postions for 2012-2013

06/25/12 Added Reunion Photos and Agenda

06/21/12 Added Bill Parks photos from 1963

06/19/12 Added Scrapping Photos from King's Last days, submitted by Fred Rueckert

06/13/12 Cleaned up broken links on Links Page

06/09/12 Added updated photo of NTDS display at Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA

06/06/12 Added KingWiki to menu system

06/05/12 Added pdf Annual Meeting Agenda to Reunion Page

06/05/12 Updated menu and header files

06/04/12 Added Sitemap to Home drop down of the menu

05/22/12 Updated Photo page

05/22/12 Added John Caffrey's page 4 photos

05/14/12 Updated Home page

05/14/12 Added information to Reunion Page

05/13/12 Revised John Caffrey's Page 1 photos

05/13/12 Added John Caffrey's Page 3 photos

05/12/12 Added John Caffrey's Page 2 photos

05/07/12 Added John Caffrey's Page 1 photos

05/05/12 Revised 1988 Nato Cruise

05/05/12 Updated Index page

05/05/12 Updated Cruisebooks page - added 1979 Med Cruise

05/03/12 Updated Memorial page - added years aboard column

04/22/12 Updated Newsletters page

04/22/12 Added April Buccaneer to page

03/08/12 Updated Ships Store page

01/02/12 Updated footer pages

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