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Author Topic: Poem from USS King DLG-10 Deck Log - Wednesday, January 1, 1964 00-04  (Read 7695 times)

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Poem from USS King DLG-10 Deck Log - Wednesday, January 1, 1964 00-04
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As the bell tolls eight and finex sixty three
    We find the mighty KING not ready for sea
With standard lines doubled, alongside Pier Two
    We affectionately call her "The One Screw Maru".
While steaming "Cold Iron" the engineers delight,
    All YOKE settings are secured for the night.
Ships present includes CACAPON, KITTY HAWK, and WILSON, HENRY B.
    The PROVIDENCE, one sewer pipe and a tired old AD.
Located in GALVESTON - The Senior Officer of the Line"
    Commander Cruiser-Destroyer Flotilla Number NINE.
While steaming off Sasebo and making turns eighty four,
    There arose from the Engine Room noises galore.
From "one screw-power" from the other-none,
    KING limped into YOKO making knots - twenty one.
From SRF YOKO we asked for a fix,
    To put KING at sea on January six.
In spite of the efforts of SRF and the KING,
    No simple fix would repair the damned thing.
Flex Couplings, bearings, and alignment were discussed,
    Yet getting KING ready for sea was a bust  
With messages by night, and telephone by day,
    The Commodore in Sasebo expressed his dismay.
To shorten our story and terminate this theme,
    We'll roam. the blue briny, January thirteen.
For its known by all, who sail the seas
    That we are the KING of the DLG's
From all the KING's men and their queens who are home
    We wish you God's speed where 'ere you may roam.
We pray - Peace on Earth, Good Will and Cheer,
    And extend to all a Happy New Year.

                                                   L. E. Wood, Jr.
                                                   LT. USN
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