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Author Topic: BIOGRAPHER request USS King Commissioning Info WD (July 60 - July 63)  (Read 5388 times)

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BIOGRAPHER request USS King Commissioning Info WD (July 60 - July 63)
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2009, 09:08:27 AM »
Hello King Shipmates. I apologize as the website says I'm a shipmate. No, but I am an avid historian and published biographer. I am working on a biography of VADM Walter T. Piotti, Jr. who served on the King from commissioning in 1960 through July 1963. (WD then later XO) I develop an outline and wish to follow his career based upon the ships he served on - so I would enjoy hearing from those who knew him. I have been to the National Archives II near D.C., Quantico Marine Corps Library and Washington Navy Yard. I spoke with Walt a couple of weeks back about my new modern Navy project. We will have further discussions soon on how I plan to proceed. (by the way, he lives a mile from me, here in rural Virginia)  Basically, guys, I will give him a through briefing on my project, work with him on what I write. I plan a book that all can be proud of - and our memories living long past our lives. Please check on the internet "P.A. Spayd" and you'll see that I'm write for Schiffer Military History in Atglen PA. Now Schiffer does not publish modern military bios, so I'll go with another publisher. My books receive complements from military members from a Lieutenant General to the old vets in WWII.  My late husband, Jack, served 20 years in the Navy as a TMC, a diver. I'm a former Air Force vet (1971-1975) Yeah, I'm getting ancient.  Please contact me if you knew Walt, served with him, etc. I welcome photos, sea stories. For any contributor, I provide a book upon publication and always provide a draft of what I write. Of course, I've learned that "AMERICANS LOVE PHOTOS!" So I welcome your contributions, especially ones of you and any on Walt.  Thanks! Pat Spayd, Somerville VA.

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