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Internet Explorer settings
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2011, 21:58:43 PM »
This site is loaded with Java Scripting (not coffee, although some of the features were built with Coffee Cup tools), Flash (animated objects), straight HTML (hypertext markup language) and carries a multitude of file types.   Not everyone's browser sees the website the same way and computer firewalls, such as Norton and others need to accept uss-king.com.  

A couple of settings should take place. First of all let us talk about Trusted sites.  If you open up Internet Explorer and click on Tools then Internet Options, you will find a Security tab.  Click on Trusted sites, then Sites and you will find a place to enter https://*uss-king.com.

Secondly, the subject is ActiveX controls. In the same Internet options, Security section, click on the Internet globe.  And then click on Custom Level, you will see another series of options.  The most important here is to enable Run ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins.  ActiveX has control over plug-ins like reading a PDF document or watching a video and the whole menu system that was built with Java.  These instructions will be built into the Help page on the website.  Look for Help link between the two yellow lines left of the date.

Thirdly, what is allowed or blocked with your firewall program.  This I won't go into as each program is a little different.  The point is that you have to understand a little about your computer system. I hope this helps with your viewing pleasure.
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