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Author Topic: King Website Navigation  (Read 3325 times)

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King Website Navigation
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Not everyone surfs the net in the same way, nor do they have the same browser.  As you would expect, web page building comes with a price, you have to pick a lower common denominator, or middle ground, to create a page or pages that tell a story.  The USS King website, as most of you know, has migrated and grown with material, history and anecdotes.   The most intricate process, as far as web building goes, is the menu or navigation system.  It brings continuity to the entire site.   An HID (human interface device), mouse or touch pad, will get you around the site by tapping or clicking.  The visual is important as it guides, instructs and prompts you through the maze of pages.  It isn?t always obvious that a graphic is going to lead to something.  Be a little patient, sometimes by hovering, a text box (ALT TEXT) will pop up to instruct or inform the user.   A hand will lead you to another webpage an arrow will not.

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