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Author Topic: On The Waterfront - 2011-06-26  (Read 3881 times)

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On The Waterfront - 2011-06-26
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This week's On The Waterfront column is about Alucia, a private research vessel that was built in 1974 in association with Jacques Cousteau. There is also a discussion of the Coast Guard's annual campaign, Operation Dry Water and a short primer on why shallow drafted tugs don't tip over.

I came aboard King in August of 1967 and left in January 1969 as a BM3.
A few years ago (2003) my wife (Mardi) and I moved to Port Angeles, Washington from Pacific Grove, California. My wife is from Victoria, British Columbia (we met in 1967 when King visited there) so PA, which has a car and passenger ferry (M/V Coho) that makes daily crossings between the two cities, was as close as we could get to her hometown while remaining in the US.

In 2006 the Peninsula Daily News, the only newspaper of general circulation that covers Clallam and Jefferson County on the North Olympic Peninsula, was in search of a maritime columnist - and the rest as they say is history (and me with not a comma's worth of newspaper experience).

As it turns out, with the shrinking of newspapers (ours continues to grow), I am the lone remaining weekly maritime columnist in the Pacific Northwest and that includes Canada.

Occasionally I run into Navy and military stuff to write about which I particularly enjoy. In fact I'm soon heading to Bremerton, Washington to tour and write about Turner Joy (DD-951). She was involved in the Gulf of Tonkin incident that precipitated the United States involvement in Viet Nam and is now a museum piece that is open to the public for tours.

The following is a link to June 19, 2011 column, On The Waterfront.


I hope you enjoy it and if you know of others who may like to read of such things, please send me your email address and I'll add it to my weekly mailing.

I am in touch with Richard Tarbuck, a former CO of King (10/71 to 7/73). He lives in the neighboring community of Sequim and I met him a few years ago. Mr. Tarbuck has a caboose that he converted into a private Naval Museum that chronicles his naval career and is a repository for his memorabilia.  Later this week I am going to meet with him, visit his caboose, and write a story about it for this week?s column which is published on Sundays.

David G. Sellars, Maritime Columnist
On The Waterfront
Peninsula Daily News
Port Angeles, Washington
(360) 808-3202 Cellular
email: dgsellars@hotmail.com
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