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Author Topic: Passing of Sandalynne Tarbuck, wife of Capt. Richard Tarbuck  (Read 7678 times)

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Passing of Sandalynne Tarbuck, wife of Capt. Richard Tarbuck
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2011, 15:36:41 PM »
Wanted to let you know that , the wife of my former skipper in USS KING DLG-10, recently passed away here in Sequim, WA after a long illness. That skipper was CDR Richard Tarbuck, USN who served as our CO from late 1971 to early 1973. Richard, now a retired Navy Captain, is in good health and will be staying here in the Pacific Northwest.
I am attaching a copy of a poem written to commemorate their lives together. I thought you might like to put it on our USS KING Association website so that other members of his crew could be informed.
Mike Judd

An Ode to Richard and Sandalynne

A Sailor's life is a vigorous life;
And a most heavy burden indeed.
Finding a Mate who can share one's fate,
Becomes an important need.
Life's storms, however, bring good and bad weather,
And a heart must sometimes wait
For the one true love that rises above,
And opens a loving gate.

Command at sea is reserved for he
Who ranks high among men most rare.
When performance is tops, there are multiple stops,
That one makes in The Captain's chair.
Dick's drive to succeed held at bay his great need
For the one who could make his heart sing;
For many a year Richard missed all the cheer
That the love of a woman can bring.

Dick finished his race, still alone in the chase,
But knowing his eagles had worth.
His long years at sea had equipped him to be
The best man for a leader's berth.
Soon the job he had sought came about as he thought
And quickly the move north was done.
T'was a fateful decision, and brought a collision,
That blended two hearts into one.

A woman of class, a most beautiful lass,
Came into our Sailor's life.
Bringing talent and charm, and a loving heart warm
And he asked her to be his wife.
Her answer was yes, and we all know the rest;
Every light beam of life they have caught.
Sanda brought to our Dick, ever so quick
The woman of grace he had sought.

Sanda was sweet and she made Dick complete
And it showed in the glow of their love.
She brought out the best from her Sailor abreast,
Gave him peace on the wings of a dove.
One last thought we will give, to the life Sanda lived
And Dick tells us that this says it all:
With her presence and style, and her show-stopping smile
"She was the prettiest girl at the Ball."

Mike Judd
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