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Positive Identification Radar Advizory Zone was one of our duties.  The King had an Air Detachment aboard for Search and Rescue.  These air crews were called upon many times and the King had a reputation in getting the job done..  You can read about PIRAZ http://uss-king.com/piraz.shtml here, written by Captain G. E. Lockee former Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Wainwright, used with permission.  As these stories become available they will be posted here.


This is an excerpt from the Sea Stories page, by Dave Nesbitt

The King had a neat routine for downed pilots. When our helo brought them back to the ship, upon landing I took a picture of them egressing the helo, then he was met by the Corpsman, Supply Officer and Stewardsmates that would escort him up to sick bay. The Supply Officer took his flight suit and all undergarments, the Stewards too his flight boots and helmet. As soon as the pilot was checked over, he was given a bath robe and escorted to the wardroom for a steak dinner with all the trimmings. By time he finished that, his clothing had been washed and pressed, his boots and helmet dried and polished, and before he climbed back aboard the helo for the trip back to the carrier, I handed him an 8 X 10 picture of himself. No kidding, one time I was listening to the radio to a pilot that was going down, the Carrier gave him a course to the closest SAR Ship, and his response was " the hell with that, I want a Course to Buccaneer, I want my steak". 

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