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Author Topic: The Legacy Left by the King's Photoshop in 1967  (Read 4592 times)

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The Legacy Left by the King's Photoshop in 1967
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2006, 10:21:10 AM »
When I left King in 1967, I left hehind an extremely well provisioned  photoshop. Not knowing much about the Navy's ordering system, I had ordered the varioius chemicals needed to develop and print Black and White Photographes. I thought I was ordering quantities that would last a month or so before having to order more. We I ended up having enough chemicals on board, that based on the number of rools of film I developed per week, would last the ship for 15 years. Unfortunately, that was not the worst of it, as Ship's Photographer, I had the responsibility of taking the Official Pictures of the Officers. These were were 5 X 7 inch photoes. The Officers would naturally ask me for an 8 X 10 copy that they could send home. They eventually got to the point were they wanted it done on "Portrait Paper", this is a thick paper with a matte finish and very expensive. I would go around to carriers and tenders to bum this paper (usually trading chemicals for it; I had lots of chemicals! Well, this got tiring, so I decided to order some paper through the Navy Supply System. The smallest quantity they showed in the catelog was a quantity of 50. This was more than what I needed, but what the heck! I then went on leave for a few weeks. When I got back I got a call from the Supply Officer to come and see him, which I promptly did. He asked if I had ordered some potographic paper and if I did, how much? I said yes, 50 sheets. He said; well Chief, your paper is on the dock and he proceeded to take me out on the dock to show me. Sitting there on pallets were 50 cases, each case containing 4 boxes of paper, 500 sheets per box! I had a total of 10,000 sheets of photographic paper that I could not use in my lifetime! I suggested returning it, the Supply Officer informed me that the paper was dated, it had a shelf life and could not be returned. He then told me that I had wiped out the Operating Funds for the ship for the next Quarter! He then made a suggestion that I go around to the other ships that had photoshops and trade the paper for Chemicals! I did not have the heart to tell him what my stock of chemicals already were.  :-X

I was transfered from King a few months later, and often wondered what had happened to those photographic supplies. Does anyone know? :-\

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