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Title: Attention Adams Class Veterans
Post by: Mark D on March 08, 2007, 18:39:31 PM
I know that there are a number of King shipmates who also served aboard Adams Class Destroyers.

The Adams Class Veterans Association is trying to get the USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2) restored as a museum. NAVSEA has the Adams on Museum Donation Hold, but they won't keep it there forever. They need your help to spread the word and keep the Adams from the scrap yard.

You can learn more here:
Title: Re: Attention Adams Class Veterans
Post by: Mark D on May 04, 2007, 08:06:05 AM
NAVSEA was preparing to send the Adams to the scrap yard and, technically, she was off of the donation hold list.

But the voices of the Adams vets have been heard. In an unusual move, the CNO, Admiral Michael Mullin (Former CO of the USS Goldsborough, DDG-20) extended the donation hold status of the Adams until March 31, 2008. If an application from a prospective host city has not been filed by then, she will be scrapped.

The Adams Class Veterans Association ( is moving on towards the next step of finding a home for the Adams.

Check out their sites for more info.
Title: Re: Attention Adams Class Veterans
Post by: Mark D on September 22, 2007, 12:18:16 PM
***From the Adams Class Veterans Association***


SEPTEMBER 21, 2007 – ACVA Working to Establish ADAMS Ship Museum in Jacksonville, Florida

        Since completing the material condition evaluation and marine survey of the Charles F. Adams in Philadelphia during May 2007, the ACVA has focused its efforts to establish ADAMS as a ship museum in its old home port, Jacksonville, Florida.  Wayne Misenar, who served on the ship as Electronics Material Officer in the late 1980’s, has headed up the effort assisted by Roger Perkins, a local realtor and a former CIC Officer in ADAMS in the 1980’s, and Bert Watson, a local lobbyist. 

        In early August ACVA City Search Director Jim Aldrich, Wayne, Roger, and Bert Watson had a meeting with Florida State Senator and past President of the Florida Senate, Senator Jim King, to discuss the proposal of berthing the Adams as a ship museum in Jacksonville. The Director of the Jacksonville Maritime Museum also attended the meeting, and was very supportive.  The Senator expressed an interest in the idea of berthing ADAMS on the St Johns River.  He suggested that the ACVA present the proposal to the local Councilmen who have jurisdiction over the proposed berthing area.

       Later in August our team in Jacksonville had a great meeting with a City Councilmen, Warren Jones, who had a very positive response to our ideas about the ship museum concept on the river.  Our Jax Team next plans to meet with other City Councilmen, and then move on to meeting with the Mayor.  When the time is right, ACVA will bring in the support we have gained within the Florida State Government.  We will keep all ACVA members informed through regular updates over the next few months.  Our ACVA Board of Directors is starting a major fundraising effort to obtain money for the project, specifically the preparation of a Ship Donation Application.  This will require some help from our membership.  Our goal is to “Save the Charley Deuce” and to establish a ship museum and memorial in Florida honoring the service of the ADAMS class DDG’s, the sailors who served in them, and all other veterans!

         In the coming months, there will be more regular Newsletter updates with information on our progress in Jacksonville and our fundraising effort.

Title: Re: Attention Adams Class Veterans
Post by: Mark D on November 01, 2007, 06:04:03 AM
***From the Adams Class Veterans Association***


As our ACVA Jacksonville Team continues to work on acquiring city approval, now is the time we need your support to begin the preparation of the Ship Donation Application to NAVSEA. Wayne Misenar, Bert Watson, Roger Perkins, ACVA Jacksonville Team, and Jim Aldrich with Bob Branco, Directors ACVA City Search, are working hard to make our dream a reality.
We need financial support from the Adams Class Ship Associations and individual ACVA members to obtain the engineering services for the analysis and planning required to prepare the berth, marketing surveys and ship museum organization business plans to gain approval for USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2 to be sited in Jacksonville. The estimated cost for the preparation of the Ship Donation Application is $100,000 and we have until March 31, 2008 to complete and submit these items to NAVSEA. We are also working to obtain corporate sponsorships from the companies that built these great ships and from those who made the hulls and manufactured the hundreds of engineering, weapons, and electronics systems and supply parts that were used on these ships allowing them to serve and steam the world’s oceans for over 30 years.

We need your help to make this happen. We request you coordinate your ship organizations and make your own individual donations of support. For those working for companies with Matching Gift Programs we strongly urge you to obtain your Matching Gift Form and submit it with your personal donations. Since ACVA is a non profit charitable organization all donations are tax deductible. All donations should be made via check payable to ACVA, or by pledge commitment and should be sent to:

Dave Myerly
ACVA Executive Secretary
5 Bush Road
Denville, N.J. 07834

We will continue to keep everyone advised of our progress in Jacksonville.

Thomas E. Crosser
President - Adams Class Veterans Association, Inc.


DDG-2 USS Charles F. Adams
DDG-3 USS John King      
DDG-4 USS Lawrence      
DDG-5 USS Claude V. Rickets   
DDG-6 USS Barney   
DDG-7 USS Henry B. Wilson      
DDG-8 USS Lynde McCormick   
DDG-9 USS Towers      
DDG-10 USS Sampson
DDG-11 USS Sellers      
DDG-12 USS Robison      
DDG-13 USS Hoel         
DDG-14 USS Buchanan      
DDG-15 USS Berkeley      
DDG-16 USS Joseph Strauss      
DDG-17 USS Conyngham      
DDG-18 USS Semmes      
DDG-19 USS Tattnall   
DDG-20 USS Goldsborough   
DDG-21 USS Cochrane   
DDG-22 USS Benjamin Stoddert      
DDG-23 USS Richard E. Byrd
DDG-24 USS Waddell
Royal Australian Navy          
HMAS Perth DDG-38          
HMAS Hobart DDG-39         
HMAS Brisbane DDG-41   
German Navy
Zerstörer Lütjens D185
Zerstörer Mölders D186
Zerstörer Rommel D187
Title: Re: Attention Adams Class Veterans
Post by: Mark D on November 30, 2007, 05:55:08 AM
***From the Adams Class Veterans Association***

From: ACVA President.
Subject: Urgent Communication and Request to Adams Class Shipmates.
Due to the ongoing efforts of the ACVA Board and our JAX Team, the Jacksonville Florida Waterways Commission passed a Resolution on November 1, stating their support for the berthing of the last existing ADAMS CLASS DESTROYER IN THE UNITED STATES, USS CHARLES F. ADAMS, in their city and the creation of a Memorial and Museum, dedicated to the Adams Class DDG's, the sailors who served on them, their contribution to our nation's security during the Cold War, and their part in US Naval History.
As of Tuesday November 27, the report from our JAX Team added two more City Council Members to the list of those supporting our efforts. This brings the total to 13 supporting our effort, 3 uncertain (but probable) and 2 yet to be briefed. The 13 is the "super majority" we wanted to secure prior to bringing the request to the full Council for consideration. Additionally we were briefed on Business Leaders and other interested parties who have voiced support for Adams and ACVA.  And lastly, the City of Jacksonville's Veterans' Affairs Director has voiced a "No Objection" position on our effort. This is significant due to the fact that the Mayor will ask his opinion first, and also because he has declined each and every Naval Ship Museum proposal he has seen, including this one in May, until last week when he expressed support for ours during a meeting with a JAX Team member.
We need to make sure that our message is getting to each and every former Adams Class crew member possible. We need to make sure that everyone knows about recent developments in Jacksonville and the fact that we only have until March 31, 2008 to submit our "Application for Donation" to NAVSEA.  The preparation and submission of the actual "Application" Is going to cost ACVA at least $100,000.
This information must go out as fast as possible to all former Adams Class crew members. We need contributions and we need them very quickly.  Our goal is within sight. We have asked and often prayed for this opportunity and it is finally before us. We must rise to the occasion and do our part to bring Adams to her final home. I am asking that every sailor make a $25 contribution - and send it today...PLEASE.  If you can send a little more, Great!  But more important, contact anyone else you think would be interested in our effort and ask them to send a little too.  As we were taught on board, many hands make light work.
I will also request that everyone associated with an Adams Class web site or Reunion Group have our story and this request posted prominently so anyone visiting your site can read about our ongoing effort to save the last Adams Class DDG in the US. Please make sure all of your shipmates are aware of the ADAMS Class Veterans Association web site ( because on that site is all the latest info, including a rendering of ADAMS sitting in the proposed berth on the St Johns River in JAX !
Checks should be made out to "The ACVA, Inc." and sent to:
ACVA Executive Secretary
c/o Dave Myerly
5 Bush Road
Denville, New Jersey 07834-2906
Tom Crosser
President, Adams Class Veterans Association, Inc.
Title: Re: Attention Adams Class Veterans
Post by: Dave Nesbitt on January 30, 2008, 06:50:18 AM
To date there has not been one DLG or DDG made into a museum. They have all been scraped or sunk as targets. I would like to see the King association and its members support, both financially and written, the efforts of the Adams Class DDG Vets. Wouldn't it be nice to point out a ship to our Grandchildren, and say to them; that's a ship from Grand pa's time!   :)
Title: Re: Attention Adams Class Veterans
Post by: Mark D on February 22, 2008, 05:48:51 AM
This week, Adams and ACVA passed another hurdle by being endorsed by both the  Finance Committee and the Recreation / Community Development Committee of Jacksonville City Government. 
Our next hurdle will be a vote of the full City Council on Tuesday evening February 26. Our Team in Jacksonville believes we have sufficient City Council support for our proposal to pass and be sent to the Mayor for his signature, which has been assured by a Mayoral representative.
Writing of the Application for Donation that we must submit to NAVSEA is progressing nicely and our Application Team must be commended for their efforts.
Former Adams CO and ACVA VP, Bob Branco,  led a second Survey Team back to Philly on February 19-20 to secure additional details on the condition of Adams for inclusion in the Application for Donation.
Former Sellers CO, Bob Rumney, has been working on a Yard Availability Report just as he would have done while on Active Duty. This too will be part of our Application for Donation so NAVSEA knows what repairs we intend to make while Adams is in Dry Dock. This was a primary reason for the Survey Visit I mentioned above. 
Bob Rumney has also put together an outline for our Volunteer Program, so those of you who may be pacing the deck waiting to get your hands dirty on Adams, will know what to expect. I will talk more about this in future emails / newsletters.
Now that I have gotten you excited with all the good news, I need to bring us all back to reality. None of this activity is without cost. None of the volunteers on our ACVA Board or our ACVA Survey Teams are getting paid. Lots of money has been spent to find the Old Girl a home and more will be spent in the near future. We have been very frugal thus far and have gotten a lot for our money. These funds have been spent to hire professionals to do Marketing Surveys, research pier locations and designs and acquire Permits.
So far we have survived on Donation from our ACVA Members and Friends but available funds are running low. We are asking once again for everyone to dig as deep as you can and keep us moving forward. If you know of former shipmate who do not yet know about Adams and ACVA, please give them a call, drop them a line or shoot them an email and tell them what we are doing to Save Adams. Don't forget to encourage them to donate as well.
Remember to check our ACVA web site often for updates. 
Tom Crosser
President, Adams Class Veterans Association, Inc.
Title: Re: Attention Adams Class Veterans
Post by: Mark D on February 26, 2008, 18:26:29 PM

30 minutes 6:02 PM 2/26/08
The Jacksonville City Council voted 15 For and 0 Against and PASSED the resolution to accept the
ACVA Project to bring the USS Charles F. Adams
DDG-2 to Jacksonville, Florida.

Much work still needs to be done. The ACVA is working very hard
to complete the ship application to submit it to NAVSEA by
March 31, 2008.


Make checks out to "ACVA"
Send them to
Dave Myerly
5 Bush Road
Denville, New Jersey 07834

Become an ACVA Member by going to our web site    and click on "Join the ACVA"
and fill out and submit the application.  If you also send a check
for $25 or more at the same time we assign you the title of ACVA Plankowner with your own ACVA Plankowner Number. 

Dave Myerly
ACVA Executive Secretary
Title: Re: Attention Adams Class Veterans
Post by: Mark D on March 31, 2008, 13:04:26 PM
GREAT NEWS for all ACVA Members, and everyone who has supported our effort to
berth the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS DDG-2 on the St. Johns River in downtown Jacksonville, Florida 

The SHIP DONATION APPLICATION has been completed !!!  We have met the deadline
for completion of the Application beyond all expectation and overcoming numerous obstacles, the most critical one being TIME!!  Our Application Team put together in
75 days what normal ship organizations take up to two years to do. 

Thanks to the efforts of Pete Mansel, Bob Branco, Jim Aldrich, Bob Rumney, Bert
Watson, Wayne Misenar, Craig Bernat, and Tom Crosser, the 3-Volume document,
with 826 pages, was completed on March 28th.   These men spent countless hours,
a few literally into the hundreds of hours, most days, and every week writing the
many sections of the Application.   The Team was very pleased with the final product,
and felt it did justice to the wonderful ships we seek to honor.   Bert Watson will personally deliver the document to NAVSEA at the Washington Navy Yard on the
afternoon of March 31st. Since the application is being evaluated by the Navy, the document is considered confidential. 

Dave Myerly
ACVA Executive Secretary
Title: Re: Attention Adams Class Veterans
Post by: Dave Nesbitt on March 31, 2008, 13:51:32 PM
I am both a Member and a Donor to to Adams Class Veterans Association. Having served aboard DDG-8 for many years, I felt like I had lost a best friend when I learned of its demise. Then I learned that King had been scraped and felt like I lost another good friend.

When I found out what the Adams Association was trying to do, it was an opportunity to do something to save at least one of a fine class of ships or a ship of an era. When Adams finds its way to Jacksonville, I am ready to go up there and do whatever, to help restore her, be it chip paint, use a deck crawler, whatever! But right now, they need contributions. ::)