Operational Characteristics of the USS King

The Fast Task Force Escort

The USS King belonged to a new class of ships, the Guided Missile Frigate. She was the culmination of many years of design planning. In the book U.S. Destroyers: An Illustrated Design History (copyright 1982 Naval Institute Press: Annapolis, MD), Norman Friedman describes the process and the thinking behind the design of these new ships. Mr. Friedman and the Naval Institute Press have been kind enough to grant us permission to reprint that section of the book.

The Fast Task Force Escort

General Ship Characteristics

A list of general characteristics, facts, and figures.

General Ship Characteristics

AAW Modernization


The USS King deployed no less than 6 major weapons systems throughout her service.







Test Platform

The USS King served as the test platform for two of the most successful systems the U. S. Navy has ever deployed. These systems are still an integral part of today's Navy.

NTDS - 1961

CIWS - 1974