If you’re planning to get Brisbane pool maintenance services from your hired pool contractor, make sure that your company offers the most important factors in cleaning your swimming pool: 


Each pool has characteristics that should be adjusted and measured on a regular basis. The most essential pool characteristics to remember is the level of active sanitizer and the pH. Through testing such two aspects regularly, you will know how product application, the weather, and pool usage can affect the water. Have your swimming pool water tested 2-3 times every week. Moreover, water chemistry could be tested as well by a pool chemical service company or pool supply store. This will aid you in keeping up the right water balance and ultimately minimize the occurrence of potential issues in the future.   


Microorganisms such as bacteria and algae could be the main problem when left uninterrupted for a long time. Algae can exactly stem into the pool and the warmer seasons is the perfect time for them to rapidly develop. To stop this development, the floor and floors must be vacuumed and brushed at least once per week to eliminate debris that the filter will miss. Moreover, it’s a must to brush your pool even if you retain chemical service every week or utilize an automatic pool cleaner.  


In your pool system, the filter is one of its most vital parts. It eliminates obvious debris as well and even the tiniest ones. Basically, a filter needs to be back washed once the filter’s water pressure attains 8-10 pounds above normal. Sine backwashing won’t eliminate oils and deeply seated debris, each filter has to be regularly cleaned, based, based on the manufacturer.  


The water of your pool should be circulated to maximize the effectiveness of its sanitizer. The more your water is circulating and moving, the more difficult it would be for algae and bacteria to be attached. Moreover, your filter can capture debris. The greatest time to have your water circulated is in the morning, for approximately 6 hours and above.  


The ultimate step in a thorough pool care repair and maintenance program is to apply the suited products to your pool’s water at the right time. If you want to know what advantages you can get if you maintain your pool’s chemistry, here are some of them: 

It will give sparkling and brilliant water that will make your water inviting.  

It helps in balancing the water to secure the pool surfaces and equipment. Unbalanced water can damage both permanently.  

It will provide a clean and clear swimming environment 

After knowing the important factors of pool maintenance, you need to contact the best pool service company near you now to have your pool serviced and achieve a sanitized pool environment.  

If interested, contact Brisbane Pool Cleaners right away to assist you with any of your pool service needs. Leave all your pool maintenance to our pool experts and you’ll be good to go.